Cyber Security Tip: Was your e-mail hacked?

Cyber Security Tip: Was your e-mail hacked?

Jan 9, 2024

E-mail account takeover represents 38% of the fraud happening online, but how do you know you are a victim? Here are five telltale signs:

1. Weird e-mails: Suddenly you start getting reply e-mails from people you know or from people you don’t know that have nothing to do with e-mails you’ve sent them. Another sign is finding e-mails in your sent messages or deleted items you don’t recognize.

2. New signature: Some type of crazy signature shows up that you don’t recognize or maybe your phone number gets changed inside your normal signature.

3. Profile changes: Your profile gets changed, maybe a new method of authentication is added or maybe your phone number gets updated.

4. Auto-forwarding: This one is pretty obvious. A new auto-forwarding rule gets applied, sending all the messages that contain the word “invoice” to a weird external e-mail address or putting them directly into the trash. (Attackers do this so they can read these e-mails, update them and place the updated version in your in-box as unread.)

5. Password changes: You notice a number of password-change requests coming into your mailbox from social media, cloud service providers and other online tools. This is the attacker trying to get to your other accounts.

If you see any of these signs, call us IMMEDIATELY!

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