Cyber Security Tip: DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

Cyber Security Tip: DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

Sep 26, 2023

We’re all guilty of it: connecting to free public WiFi. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, hotel or airport, the temptation to check e-mail and surf the web is just too strong to resist. So, BEFORE you connect to any free, public WiFi, make sure the connection is legitimate.

It’s not uncommon for hackers to set up fake clones of public WiFi access points to try to get you to connect to their fake WiFi account over the legitimate, safe public one being made available to you.

Further, you’re connected with everyone else logged in – kind of like a public restroom with no stalls. Just a row of toilets where everyone can see you. Think of this picture every time you consider hopping on public WiFi.

The BEST option is to use your phone as a hot spot or carry your own WiFi device.

And if you just have to connect, at least don’t log in to critical accounts (like your bank account) or shop online, where you’d be entering credit card credentials.

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