Cyber Security Tip: Do it for your clients

Cyber Security Tip: Do it for your clients

Jun 18, 2024

even if you don’t feel it’s necessary

Privacy and security are important to your organization, but they’re even more important to those whom you serve. Nearly 75% of Americans feel it is “extremely” or “very” important that the companies they work with keep their information under lock and key and the companies have easy-to-understand explanations of what information is shared with whom and how it is shared.

If you collect it, protect it! Follow all reasonable measures to protect every piece of information you have about your client or customer. Have policies enforced that prohibit unauthorized access to those who do not have a need to see it.

Be open about how you use information that your clients give you. Clearly communicate any practices and processes, and use this as an opportunity to set your company apart by showing you’ve gone deeper than competitors by performing annual risk assessments.

Help create a culture of privacy in your office. Everyone should be educated about their role in privacy, security and respecting and protecting the private information of clients, colleagues and partner vendors.

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