Cyber Security Tip: 5 ways to keep kids safe online

Cyber Security Tip: 5 ways to keep kids safe online

Mar 5, 2024

Here are some little-known ways to see if your kid is doing things and visiting sites you don’t want them to:

1. They’ve deleted their browsing history. What are they hiding? 2. The ads showing up are questionable. Marketers use retargeting to get you to come back to their websites. So, if you’re seeing ads that make you go “hmmmm,” that’s a sign your kids have been visiting those sites. 3. They hide when using the device. A good rule of thumb is NO devices in bedrooms, or in any room that is not out in the open.

4. Friend your kids on social media. You know who your kids hang out with in real life, right? Same goes for social media. Become their friend and learn who they are hanging around.

5. Talk to your kids. Make sure you talk to your kids about your expectations when they are online. Don’t just assume they know based on your expectations of them in real life.

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